MLM Downline Secrets – DECLARING Your Intent To The World…

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One of the SECRETS to creating massive downline in the Network Marketing industry is to publicly declare your intentions to the world, to your team, and to those around you.

There’s something magical that happens when you FORCE yourself to be accountable to the world, it makes you step up your game just a little bit, things fall into place that were never in place before, and the world around you starts to move from a nonsensical external force to a tapestry of science.

Here’s a PUBLIC declaration I just made for my team, my list, and the world of my next goal – which is to hit 6 star in NumisRegardless of what company you’re involved in, you’ll understand what I mean after you watch it:

Now you might askwhy the heck put yourself on the line like that?

BECAUSE something magical happens inside when you cross over that line, and decide that no matter what – YOU’RE going to make it happen.

If you’re ready to step it up and make something radical happen – I want you to create a YouTube video and post a link back to:

I CHALLENGE you to put yourself out on the line, make a DECISION to make something great happen, and make 2011 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!

To The Top,
David Wood
#1 Recruiter In MLSP
#1 Recruiter In The Numis Network
…and a Network Marketing Maverick

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How To Get Your New Reps Started Right, The First Time…

This is absolutely, without question in the TOP TWO most important things to learn in the Network Marketing industry – if you do it wrong, you’ll need to sponsor more, work more, work harder, with less results. This is the MOST IMPORTANT key to duplication:

Here are the resources I mention in this video:

Click here to download the plugin for Skype:  This is NOT an affiliate product (unfortunately) – so you know I have zero financial incentive for recommending it – it’s just cool.  For $10 per month (about 2 cups of coffee – and less than the gas to drive across town, you have access to the best video conferencing technology on the planet that seamlessly integrates with the most popular internet communication platform (Skype).  In my opinion, this is BETTER than services that sometimes cost $200 or $100 per month, and is how I’m doing my distance Home Meetings.

That’s one of the things I LOVE about technology – not only does it constantly get better, but it gets cheaper and cheaper over time.  I wouldn’t be surprised if in 5 years, Google and Facebook offer 3 dimensional, virtual reality video conferencing for free.

Click here to watch a live recording of a PBR I did for a team member in Wisconsin – This is a recording of a LIVE presentation that I did with my reps out in Wisconsin, 3 Stars Mark Manderville and Mindy Frankenburg – they had 4-5 guests there and 100% of them committed to join, so it’s worth watching even if you’re in a different company.

Unfortunately, Mark’s camera wasn’t working so you can only see me in the video, but when you use the video conferencing, it’s really cool because you can interact with the crowd, take questions, and connect with people almost as if you’re right there.  I had a team member up in Canada doing this with me just last Thursday (James McEwan), and he had a room full of 30 plus people and I video 3 way’d in his sponsor to co-present with me – how cool is that?

That’s it – I would show you my Fast Start Series, but that’s reserved for reps in my organization only – the concepts of this video will apply to ANY network marketing company and will help you dramatically increase your duplication NO MATTER WHAT METHOD you’re using to sponsor.  I’ve got to run – a new rep just joined and I’m going to go help them get oriented with our Fast Start System.

(I’m not kidding)

To the TOP,
David Wood
#1 Recruiter in MLSP
#1 Recruiter in The Numis Network
…and a Network Marketing Visionary

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P.P.S. Leave your thoughts on the concepts I share in the video – I’d love to hear it!

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How I Got My YouTube Channel Back – Vids, Views, Comments, And All!

YouTube shut my channel down, (Nazis) but I got it back! Ha ha!  Share THIS =>

AND, here’s how I did it:

So here’s the resources I mention in the video:

Get EZS3 by clicking here – EZS3 is the video hosting I personally use.  I may have gotten my YouTube channel back – but the fact is, it will get shut down again (unfortunately – it’s just the nature of the beast).  So to protect myself, I’m doing all of my own video marketing on my own personal hosting, which is important, because my vids have over 100,000 views a month.

Why I Hate The Government – I know ‘Hate’ is a strong word – and it would be more accurate to say that I hate CONTROLLING governments, and right now the USA is treating it’s citizens much like the soviet union treated people before the collapse, and the financial situation in the USA is much like it was in Rome before it fell – we need to shape it up if we want to avoid falling from our 300 year strong empire.  Have you seen the naked body scanners in the airports?  I can only imagine a TSA member sitting in a dark room, eating popcorn as they look at nude photos of citizens who refuse to take action against absurdity.  Why am I mentioning this on my blog?  Because if we continue to allow bureaucrats to control our lives, eventually the middle class will disappear from the financial burden and it will destroy most small businesses.  Ron Paul rebukes the TSA (click here)

My YouTube Channel – (be sure to subscribe) – only the most ridiculous marketing videos, that somehow sell unbelievable amounts of products delivered to your inbox daily.

David Wood
Network Marketing Visionary
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